Eric Auld (1931-2013)


Sitting down to write this, I gaze out of the window to another bright sunny day in Aberdeen. A place that is often described as a grey dreich city, Aberdeen's artist have an obligation to change the cities image to one of a bright beautiful city, full of colour and light.

The work of Eric Auld, which is so closely associated with the city, is anything but dreich! Using a full palette of colours and expressive mark making, his eye for details always allows the viewer to immediately recognise familiar landmarks of Aberdeen. Never far from his studio, he was a true creator using his skill and craftsmanship to produce paintings, sculptures, jewellery and many toys for his much loved family.

His belief in the importance of "passing the baton" to the next generation of Aberdeen artists was most evident to me when I approached Eric with the idea of hosting an exhibition together at my gallery on King Street. His enthusiasm for the collaboration was overwhelming and I soon realised there was a very special man behind the works I had so greatly admired.

His artwork was positive and inspiring. Eric was one of the nicest people I have ever met, kind, generous, and so full of life that his love of it was almost tangible.

It is this attitude that inspires me when I head off to my studio/gallery every morning to sometimes not return home until the wee small hours. Eric always saw the beauty in everything and I feel it is our role as artists to translate that vision into magnificent creations to exhibit and share with the world.

Nicole Porter